Doctor Don 21 February 2020 Preview: Monica To Go On A Coffee Date With Deva?

As a punishment, Aai tells Monica that she has to go on a coffee with Deva. Will she agree?

A still from Doctor Don

In the previous episode of Doctor Don, we saw Deva asking Satya if he had sent the professors to help Radha by requesting them or forcing them. Satya lies to Deva saying that he had begged and requested the professors to do so. Later, Radha reaches home and asks Satya to swear on her if he is speaking the truth. Satya’s lies get exposed and he cries and apologises to Deva. The latter however gets furious and slaps him in front of everyone.

Watch the episode of Doctor Don here.

In the upcoming episode of Doctor Don, we will see that as per the deal between Aai and Monica, the former has to punish the latter. Aai tells Monica that she has to go for a coffee date with Deva. Monica is shocked but helpless. She calls Deva and asks him to meet her. Deva is on cloud nine after hearing the same.

Will Deva be able to impress Dr. Monica on their first date? Find out on Doctor Don.

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