Doctor Don 21 February 2020 Written Update: Deva Gets Ready For A Date With Dr. Monica

Dr. Monica asks Deva for a coffee date. Deva can't believe his fate and gets ready to meet his dream woman. Details inside.

A still from Doctor Don

In tonight’s episode of Doctor Don, we see Deva feeling horrible after hitting Satya. He removes his frustration by hitting a punching bag and crying. Akki sees Deva crying and tries to console him. he tells Deva that because he didn’t have dinner, his brothers too are starving. Deva immediately calls out to all of them. When Satya, Pandey and Gabbar appear in front of him, Deva asks them why they didn’t have dinner. Satya tells him that they are not hungry. Deva feels bad for them and informs them that they all will have food together.

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Meanwhile, Aai is very happy knowing Radha has lost the challenge. As promised, Aai is supposed to punish Monica. She tells Monica that she must go out on a coffee date with Deva. The next morning, Monica is helpless as she knows that she has to go for a coffee date with a person she hates the most. Unwillingly, she calls Deva and asks him to meet her for a coffee. Deva can’t believe that he got a call from his dream woman and that she asked him to meet her. Seeing Deva this hyper, his brother and Akki get worried. When they come to know about Monica, they begin to tease him. Monica, however, decides to send Dr. Sachin to meet Deva instead. When Dr, Sachin comes to know that he has to meet Deva, he gets scared and starts shivering in anxiety. Monica asks Dr. Sachin to gather all the information about Deva.

On the other hand, Satya, Gabbar, and Pandey are helping Deva choose clothes for his special date. Satya pulls Deva’s leg by telling him that he is no less than a Bollywood star. Deva feels shy and leaves, to meet Dr. Monica.

How will Deva react upon finding that Dr. Monica isn’t present at the date? Find out on Doctor Don.

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