Doctor Don 22 February 2020 Written Update: Monica Keeps Deva Waiting At The Cafe

Monica keeps Deva waiting as she goes to another Cafe. However, Deva refuses to leave till he meets Monica

a scene from Doctor Don

In tonight’s episode of Doctor Don, we see that while on his way to meet his dream girl, Deva is extremely nervous. To add to his nervousness, Satya teases him by singing some romantic songs. Satya tells Deva that he needs to handle Dr Monica’s English with care. This makes Deva insecure and he asks Pandey to help him out. Everyone tells Deva that his personality should be maintained in front of Dr Monica. They also give some tips to Deva to look presentable. On their way, they find a florist and decide to buy some flowers for Dr Monica. When everyone shares differing opinions about the flowers, Deva ends up buying all them to avoid confusion.

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As soon as they reach the cafe, Satya forcefully frees a table for Deva to sit on. After a while, Dr Sachin enters the cafe. Seeing him, Deva tells him to have a seat. Dr Sachin is connected to a phone call with Dr Monica. And as decided, Dr Sachin has to obey Dr Monica’s instructions and get some information from Deva. He asks Deva about his reason behind joining a medical college. Deva answers him saying that he wants to be an excellent doctor like Monica. After some time, Dr Sachin gets distracted and tells Deva that Monica is a dangerous and arrogant lady. Monica tries to shut him up over the phone but Dr Sachin continues to criticise Monica. While talking to Deva, Dr Sachin reveals that Monica has a son. This shocks Deva and he tells Dr Sachin that the same is impossible as Monica looks really young. This makes Monica furious and she tells Dr Sachin to immediately get out from there. Later, Monica purposely reaches some other cafe keeping Deva waiting at the decided venue. Monica calls Aai and tells her that she has been waiting since long but Deva has not yet come. On the other hand, Deva is tired of waiting but is determined that he will stand outside the cafe till he has a coffee with Monica.

Will Monica return to have a coffee with Deva? Find out on Doctor Don. For more entertainment, watch popular Marathi serials and latest movies streaming on ZEE5.