Doctor Don 25 February 2020 Written Update: Helpless Deva To Live On The Streets

Deva gets insulted and abused while finding a room in the hostel. Finally, he decides to stay on the street. Details below

a scene from Doctor Don

In tonight’s episode of Doctor Don, we see that Deva starts his packing to move in the campus hostel. Akki tries to convince him to stay at home but Deva is determined to shift to the hostel. Satya helps Deva in packing and to ensure Deva’s full comfort he even starts packing his chair, carrom board, gym equipments, and other items. Deva couldn’t believe that Satya’s madness. He tells Satya that he is going to the hostel to study and not to chill. But Satya doesn’t listen and loads everything in the truck.

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Meanwhile, Aai praises Deva in front of Monica and asks her to give a thought about Deva. Monica firmly tells Aai that she does not want to repeat the bad chapter of love in her life again.

Deva and his gang reach the college hostel. Deva informs that he will first find a room inside the hostel and later they should get the luggage in his room. Pinky sees Deva and his men and immediately go to inform Aai and Monica about it. Monica is shocked to know that Deva is going to live in the college hostel. She decides to stop him as soon as possible.

Deva enters one of the students room and asks him if he can stay with him. The student informs him that there is a procedure for room allotment. Deva apologises to the students and moves ahead to knock another door. He knocks Kabir’s room and asks if he could stay with him. Kabir tells Deva that it would be fun if they could live together but his room is already full. Deva continues to request many students but at each door, he gets to face only insults and abuses. Finally, Deva tells Satya, now that he has decided to improve for good the people around him are turning bad.

Deva decides that if no one is ready to help him, he will help himself. He decides to stay on the street adjoining the college. Monica and Radha notice Deva living on the street but ignore him.

Will Monica show any sympathy towards Deva and allot him a room in the hostel? Find out on Doctor Don.

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