Doctor Don 26 February 2020 Written Update: Deva Finally Gets A Room In The Hostel

Deva tricks one of the students and manages to get a room in the campus hostel. Find out more details below.

a scene from Doctor Don

In tonight’s episode of Doctor Don, we see that Deva and the gang arrange his sofa, chair, and other luggage right in front of the college gate. Deva sits on his chair and orders his men to leave. Satya, Pandey, and Gabbar show their concerns about Deva’s security and also tell him that he has to do all the household chores by himself. Deva shows his readiness and assures them that he will manage everything. Satya, Gabbar, and Pandey decide to stay in the vicinity and keep a watch on Deva, to ensure that he is safe.

Watch the episode of Doctor Don here.

Later, when Deva is alone, he sees Radha peeping through her window. As soon as, she sees him, Deva waves at her, Radha turns around and ignores him. Radha informs Dr. Monica that Deva is living right in front of the girl’s hostel and that is making her feel insecure. Hearing this, Monica decides to complain about Deva to the police. But Aai stops and tells her that instead of complaining to the police she should allot a room to Deva in the hostel. Monica tells Ajji that no matter what she will not allot any room to Deva.

The next morning, Dr. Sachin gathers some students and goes to talk with Deva. Right at that time, Dr. Monica reaches college. When he sees Deva living on the street she furiously asks him to leave as it is damaging the college reputation. She asks the students if anyone is interested to let Deva stay with them in their room. For a few seconds, no one shows their readiness. This makes Monica happy. But later, Satya tricks one of the students named Shekhar to let Deva stay with him. This shocks Dr. Monica but she feels totally helpless.

After a while, there is talk amongst students expressing their concern about Deva living with them. Meanwhile, Deva has settled himself in Shekhar’s room.

Will Deva manage to get closer to Monica and clear Radha’s misconceptions? Find out on Doctor Don.

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