Doctor Don 28 February 2020 Written Update: Deva Orders Breakfast For Students

Dr. Monica informs Dr. Sachin not to serve breakfast to Deva. Deva decides to order breakfast for everyone. Find out in detail below

a scene from Doctor Don

In tonight’s episode of Doctor Don, we see that Dr. Monica had invited a self-defense trainer to teach her some techniques of self defencing. The trainer tells Monica that if anyone is harassing her she should inform him. The trainer assures that he will teach the bad guys a lesson they’ll remember for life. Monica tries to complain about Deva. Listening to this Aai starts giggling as the trainer is half of Deva’s size.

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Later, when Monica steps out of her house she stumbles upon Deva, who was sleeping right in front of her door. Deva manages to save Monica from falling by holding her waist. Monica gets annoyed while Aai is truly delighted to see Monica and Deva getting close to each other. Monica immediately informs the trainer to beat Deva. The trainer threatens Deva and challenges him for a fight. Deva tries to be nice with him but the trainer talks rudely with Deva, which makes him angry.

The trainer attacks Deva by punching him on the face. Monica is happy to see Deva getting trashed. Seeing Monica happy, Deva decides to get more punched. Monica teases Deva that he is weak in front of the trainer. Deva then shows his power to Monica. He just hits one punch at the trainer which makes him fall a few feet away. This shocks Monica however Aai joyfully cheers Deva.

At the college, Monica informs Dr. Sachin not to serve breakfast to Deva. Following her orders, Dr. Sachin tells the canteen person not to serve food to Deva. The canteen person immediately announces that the breakfast has got over. This agitates the students who were waiting for breakfast. Deva calms them down and calls Satya. He orders Satya to bring every food item he finds from the nearest restaurant. The students start cheering for Deva. Right at time moment, Dr. Monica reaches there. She asks Deva what is wrong with him. Deva tells her that since his friends were hungry he ordered breakfast for them.

Will Monica keep tolerating Deva’s behavior or will she take an action against him? Find out only on Doctor Don

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