Doctor Don: Here Are 5 Reasons Why We Love Deva And Monica’s Equation

Here are some qualities of Deva and Monica that make the couple adorable and lovable. Check them out inside!

doctor Don

Zee Yuva’s new show Doctor Don has thoroughly entertained its audience till now with its intriguing plotline and comical scenes. The show tells the story of an underworld don Deva, who enrolls himself in a medical college to clear his image by healing people. He also does this to win back his daughter Radha’s love. She breaks ties with him, after learning about his shady business. At college, Deva falls in love with Dr. Monica, who is the dean. Currently, on the show, the two are getting to know each other better. While Deva is gathering the courage to confess his love for Monica, the latter is coming to terms with her feelings for Deva. Their chemistry is palpable and the two truly make for a unique and fascinating pair. Below are a few reasons why we love Deva and Monica’s equation.

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1. Their love is unconditional

Doctor Don
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We have seen that Deva’s love for Monica is unconditional and the latter is also developing a soft corner for him. The love between them is pure and there is no give-and-take with the two. Deva just wants to make his beloved smile. Monica also tolerates all of Deva’s antics which he carries out to impress her. Their relationship is adorable and hilarious at the same time.

2. They annoy each other but still enjoy one another’s company

doctor don
doctor don

In many episodes, we have seen Deva annoying Monica with his buffoonery and she despising him for his rowdy attitude. However, in the end, Deva’s kind heart always leaves a lasting impression on Monica and as a result, she tolerates all of his nonsensical acts. Sometimes, Monica’s fussy behaviour annoys Deva but the latter continues to love her with all his heart.

3. They care a lot for one another

a scene from Doctor Don
a scene from Doctor Don

Since the beginning, Deva and Monica’s caring attitude towards each other has been evident. Be it him helping her after their cars collide or Monica caring for Deva when he is unwell, there are enough examples to show that they are truly concerned for the other’s well-being.

4. There is mutual respect

A still from Doctor Don
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Mutual respect is the backbone of every love story. We have seen Deva and Monica behaving cordial with each other, despite the cold war between them. Deva tends to avoid things that will make his beloved upset with him. On the other hand, even though Monica despises Deva, her respect for him has never suffered.

5. They are supportive of each other

Deva and Monica from Doctor Don
Source: ZEE5

We have seen Deva and Monica supporting each other through thick and thin. Deva helps Monica reach Alibaug even after facing several problematic situations. She also supports him by not rusticating him from the college even after him conducting many mischiefs.

What more qualities of the couple do you think make them lovable? Let us know in the comments section below!

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