Doctor Don: Here’s Why We Think Deva Is An Ideal Match For Dr Monica

Here are some qualities of Deva that make us think that he is a perfect match for Monica. Check them out inside!

doctor don

Zee Yuva’s newly launched comedy family drama Doctor Don is a must-watch if you wish to see a light-hearted show about love and friendship. The show tells the story of a don Deva, who enrolls himself in a medical college to win his daughter’s trust and love back. His daughter Radha gets upset with him after learning about his underworld business. In college, Deva falls in love with Dr. Monica who is the dean. Deva does everything to impress his beloved even though the latter despises him. Looking at Deva’s efforts, we think he is an ideal match for Monica. Here’s why!

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1. Deva’s love for Monica is unconditional

A still from Doctor Don
Source: Zee5

In many episodes, we have seen Monica insulting and despising Deva for his rowdy attitude. At one point, she had also decided to suspend Deva. Despite all this, Deva’s love for Monica hasn’t reduced. He loves her with all his heart and does every possible thing to make his beloved smile. We have seen Deva’s innocent antics to impress Monica like decorating her cabin to have a coffee date, finding excuses to seek personal tuitions from her, secretly accompanying her on her trip to Alibaug, etc.

2. Deva can go to any extent to make his lady love smile

Deva and Monica from Doctor Don
Deva and Monica from Doctor Don

We have seen Deva trying every trick in the book to build his chemistry with Monica. He loves to see her smiling and for that, he can go to any extent, including getting thrashed on purpose by a martial artist, as seen in one episode. In another episode, we saw how Monica was avoiding having coffee with Deva. In no time, the latter decorated her cabin just like a cafe. Seeing Deva’s efforts, Monica couldn’t help but smile and blush.

3. Deva is caring and a lovable person

a scene from Doctor Don
Source: ZEE5

Even though Deva is an underworld don, it is clear by now that he has a pure heart and cares for Monica deeply. In previous episodes, we saw how he rushed to help Monica when their cars collided. Another incident to prove this is when on their journey to Alibaug, Monica was shivering due to the cold weather, Deva took off his jacket and covered her, without thinking twice. With all such qualities, we think Deva is a perfect match for Monica.

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