Doctor Don Promo: Deva Rane’s Dashing Entry Leaves Everyone Awestruck

Deva Rane's dashing entry into the college leaves everyone starstruck. Details and promo inside.

A still from Doctor Don

Doctor Don is a Marathi romantic comedy, streaming exclusively on Zee Yuva. The story revolves around Deva Rane, an underworld don whose character is portrayed by Devdutt Nage. Deva falls in love with Dr. Monica Shrikhande, played by Shweta Shinde. Deva has his own style of getting things done with his influence and power. To impress his beloved, he manages to land a job at the same hospital that she works in. The things he does hereon, will definitely leave you in splits.

Watch the episode of Doctor Don here:

Deva being the master of his will, does whatever he feels is right. He has landed a position at the same medical college cum hospital, that his ladylove works and his entry into the same, as dramatic as it can get! The latest promo shows Dr. Don entering, seated on the hood of the car and carrying off his natural devil-may-care attitude. His entry is simply dashing and leaves everyone starstruck. Watch the promo here.

How do you think the students and doctors at the hospital will react? Will his ladylove be impressed? Stay tuned to find out!

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