Ek Ghar Mantarlela 19 April 2019 Written Update: Kiran Mavshi Is Hiding Something?

A person named Suresh comes to meet Mavshi and tells her that if she doesn't give her money, he will reveal the secret to Gargee and her family.


In the previous episode of Ek Ghar Mantarlela, Kshitij agrees to tell Sameedha an incident about his brother. At the end of the story, Sameedha starts laughing and upon asking why is she laughing, she replies saying despite saying that he will share only one instance, he was talking for five hours and told everything about his family and experiences. Kshitij gets shocked as he doesn’t remember doing any of this or telling anything.

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In tonight’s episode, Gargee comes to invite Kiran Mavshi to come with them for the trip. Mavshi tells her that she has some work at home and that is why she cannot come. Gargee then gets upset but then Mavshi tells her to not get upset as she will come with her for shopping in the coming week. Gargee then agrees to this saying that she won’t listen to any of her excuses next time and she will force her.

Kshitij wakes up as he and Sameedha decide to stay back at the bungalow. He then calls Sameedha and also books a cab from her phone as her mobile has a network. Mavshi decides to go to Gargee’s house and search for the thing which is causing things. Just then a person comes from behind and calls Kiran Mavshi by her name. Mavshi then turns back and asks him why has he come. The person named Suresh tells her that he has come to meet her as it has been long back since they have met. Kiran Mavshi looks afraid by the presence of Suresh. Suresh then asks her to prepare lunch for him as he is hungry. Mavshi then agrees to prepare lunch for him and tells him to go away after having lunch. Suresh agrees to it.

Gargee notices that her mother is still stressedsand thinking about what has been happening lately. Gargee then tells her to enjoy the moment and not to overthink about anything or else her father will come to know about it. On the other hand, while having food, Suresh tells Kiran that he will be staying with her or else he will go to Gargee’s house and tell them Kiran’s reality. Hearing this, Kiran Mavshi gets scared asks him what does he want to keep his mouth shut and not to tell about her past.
Suresh then takes Gargee’s name and blackmails her that if she doesn’t give money then he will reveal her secret to Gargee and her family.

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