Ek Ghar Mantarlela 20 April 2019 Written Update: Suresh Loots Kiran Mavshi

In Ek Ghar Mantarlela, Gargee and her family go to a resort. During, their absence from the house, Kiran Mavshi gives sixty thousand to Suresh.

Mavshi from Ek Ghar Mantarlela

In Ek Ghar Mantarlela‘s today’s episode, Gargee and her family are talking about Deshpande’s daughter who is getting married. They are invited to it as Gargee’s mother subtly asks her about marriage. Gargee brushes it off saying she is in no hurry. Then, her mother asks her expectations about her husband. During this conversation, they meet Nilay at the resort. He tells her how much everyone is missing her at the office.

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Suresh blackmails Kiran Mavshi but she pleads to him to not reveal anything. Then, he asks how much money she has and pushes her to go to the bank and withdraw money. As she goes to the bank, Suresh takes the keys lying in the house. Meanwhile, Nilay and Gargee are walking together. They are getting along well as her parents are walking behind them. Gargee’s mother wants to set her daughter up with him. They all go to the movie together.

As Kiran Mavshi has gone to the bank, Suresh thinks about stealing some things. He starts scavenging for good things in the house during this he hears something moving. Then, he goes to the bedroom and tries to open the cupboard but his attempts fail. As he wants to exit out of the door gets locked automatically. After trying for a long time, the door magically opens. Then, he again starts searching in the hall and finds a silver locket. He hides it in his pocket as Kiran Mavshi returns.

Suresh taunts Kiran Mavshi that he thought she ran away. She withdraws Rs 60,000 and hands it over to him. Kiran Mavshi asks him to get out of the house, but he tells her he will come back once the money is over. Meanwhile, Nilay, Gargee and her parents come out of the theatre. Nilay departs as they go to get a gift for Kiran Mavshi. They all reach home and Gargee’s mother can’t stop talking about Nilay. This irritates Gargee and she goes away to give the gift to Kiran Mavshi. They all happily eat ice cream.

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