Ek Ghar Mantarlela 22 April 2019 Written Update Of Episode: Kiran Mavshi Gets An Intuition

While Kiran Mavshi, Gargee and Baba are on their way to have ice cream, Kiran Mavshi panic in between and tells everyone to return home.

Gargi and Mavshi

In the previous episode of Ek Ghar Mantarlela, Suresh asks Kiran Mavshi to arrange 1 lakh to keep his mouth shut. She then tells him that she needs to withdraw the cash from the bank. Suresh then tells her to go and withdraw the cash as soon as possible. While Gargee meets Nilay on their way to the park, her mother and parents think that something is going on between Gargee and Nilay. On the other hand, Suresh takes the keys from Kiran Mavshi’s house and gets into Gargee’s house to rob some cash.

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In tonight’s episode, Gargee, Kiran Mavshi and Baba decide to go and have ice cream at night and Gargee’s mother decides to stay home as she needs to rest. Gargee’s mother hears a sound of dishes falling from the kitchen and gets up to check it and finds that nothing has happened and all the dishes are in place. She then comes back to the main hall and gets shocked to see that someone who exactly looks like her is sitting on the couch and staring at her.

While Gargee, Kiran Mavshi and Gargee’s father are walking Kiran Mavshi sees something and asks everyone to return back home. At home, Gargee’s mother hears the knocking of the door and when she opens the door she sees there is no one. This happens, again and again, seeing this Gargee’s mother gets scared.

Sometime later, Nilay comes home and Gargee’s mother asks him if he was knocking the door earlier. Nilay tells her that he just came and when he came he didn’t find anyone other than him. Just then Gargee, Mavshi and her father come near the house and see Nilay.

Next morning, Kshitij calls Mr Joshi to ask about Sameedha as he thinks that she has left. He also tells him that this time he needs to find a better person who can actually do good work. Soon, he receives a call from Sameedha telling him that she came yesterday night and did some work there. She also tells Kshitij that she has to go outstation for some emergency work and asks him if he wants to loom for another architect. Kshitij gets surprised to know how Sameedha came to know that he wanted to replace her.

At home, Gargee’s mother asks her to leave the job and when Gargee refuses to do so, her mother gets angry on her and suddenly talks rudely. She then tells Gargee to call Kiran Mavshi. Gargee then rushes to Kiran Mavshi and tells her about what has happened, after hearing this Kiran Mavshi tells her to bring her mother to Kiran Mavshi’s house as soon as possible and she also tells to search for something that was not in their house before.

Will Gargee be able to find the vermilion box? Keep watching to know more.

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