Ek Ghar Mantarlela 5 June 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Nilay’s Mother Passes Away?

Before leaving the house, Nilay calls his mother to inform. Seeing no response from her, he goes to the bedroom and finds out that she is dead.

Nilay Ek Ghar Mantarlela

In the previous episode of Ek Ghar Mantarlela, Nilay and Gargee come to the flower market. There he sees Sameedha on the other side of the road and walks up to her without informing Gargee. Sameedha suggests Nilay that if a person starts experiencing the things she mentioned, he should go away from his loved ones.  

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In tonight’s episode, Nilay is packing his bags to go far away from his loved ones. Unaware of his plan, his mother tells him that he should take leave and be at home just like today. Nilay stays silent and gives her some extra cash so that she can manage herself when he is gone.

At Gargee’s house, Guruji completes the pooja. Gargee enquires about Nilay to Pakkya but he tells her that his mobile is still switched off. Nilay is afraid that if he chooses to stay back then his mother’s life would be in danger. When he is about to leave the house, he calls his mother to inform. Seeing no response from her, he goes upstairs and sees that his mother is lying on the bed. He goes near her and gets shocked to know that his mother is dead.

At home, Mavshi suggests Gargee to call on Nilay’s mother’s mobile. The moment Nilay receives the call, Gargee starts complaining about the morning incident as he left her without any intimation. Seeing that he is not responding, Gargee asks him what has happened. The latter replies to her saying that his mother is dead. Hearing this news, Gargee gets shocked. She tells him that she is coming there soon and leaves for Nilay’s house with Mavshi.

After reaching there, Mavshi takes Nilay to another room and consoles him for the loss. While Gargee is waiting near his mother’s dead body, suddenly she holds Gargee’s hands and stares at her. Seeing this, Gargee gets scared.

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