Ek Ghar Mantarlela 8 June 2019 Preview: Gargee Saw Kshitij’s Family In Mrutyunjay

Kshitij's belongs to the same family who Gargee saw in the bungalow. 

Kshitij Nimbalkar

In tonight’s episode of Ek Ghar Mantarlela, after talking to Gargee, Kshitij meets his brother and it is the same guy whom Gargee saw in the bungalow. Later when Nilay comes at Gargee’s house and asks Mavshi about why is it happening to him. She tells him that he is Gargee’s protector which is why she is always safe around him. He questions why does someone want to kill Gargee. The latter chooses to stay silent and tells him that she will answer all his questions at the right time.

Watch the latest episode below:

In the preview of the next episode, Nilay promises Mavshi that he won’t let Gargee meet the people whom she saw in the Mrutyunjay bungalow. On the other side, Kshitij meets his niece Avani, who is the same girl whom Gargee had been following. We now come to know that Kshitij’s family is the same who Gargee saw in the bungalow. 

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