Ek Ghar Mantarlela: Will Gargee Escape The Horror In Store for Her? Watch Video!

Gargee's life is in danger at Mrutyunjay bungalow. Will she come out alive or be imprisoned there forever?

scene from Ek Ghar Mantarlela

Our (and your) favourite horror show Ek Ghar Mantarlela giving us the chills every night. Ever since the stow started, we are engrossed understanding each character’s link to that house. The thrilling horror scenes are enough to leave us on the edge of our seat. Currently, on the show, we see Gargee and the team have met Jakhoba, the caretaker of Mrutyunjay bungalow. But, meeting him has come with a terrible cost of knowing the bungalow’s horrifying history. As the past unravels itself, how safe is Gargee in that house? We have the details for you.

But, before you proceed, watch the latest episode below:

In Ek Ghar Mantarlela, Jakhoba is sent by the owner to assist Gargee and her friends who are trapped in the house. He narrates them the incident of the owner’s pregnant wife dying on that very sofa on which they were sitting. Hearing this, the whole gang was scared out of their wits. Now, Zee Yuva shared a spoiler showing us the true horror awaiting Gargee and her friends. It’s seen that she will be disturbed relentlessly by the voices in her sleep. The voices are no one else’s but hers own calling her from the other side of the window. As Gargee wakes up scared, she runs trying to get out the house. However, there’s no way out.

Jakhoba, who is sent to help these people, is seen exclaiming that there is no way of the house as all the roads will lead Gargee back here. Are you just as curious as us to know what is going to happen in the Maha episode? Watch it streaming free on ZEE5.

Will Gargee escape her terrifying fate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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