Ek Ghar Mantarlela: Will Kshitij Ever Come To Know Sameedha’s Truth?

Sameedha is trapping Kshitij in her plan without him knowing. Do you think he will ever understand before it’s too late?

Kshitij and Sameedha from Ek Ghar Mantarlela

If you think of a horror show on Zee Yuva, your mind instantly conjures an image of Ek Ghar Mantarlela. This horror serial now holds a special place in our hearts for thoroughly entertaining us. Swinging between illusion and reality, it makes you question everything that you see. We, especially, don’t know what to make of Kshitij and Sameedha’s relationship which utterly horrifying as he doesn’t know she is possessed. Looking at them, are you just as horrified as us?

Watch the episode of Ek Ghar Mantarlela below:

In Ek Ghar Mantarlela, Kshitij is a property developer who is looking to rehabilitate a haunted Mrutyunjay bungalow. Being a rational and no-nonsense person, he doesn’t seem like a believer of ghosts and paranormal activities. But, little does he know that his close business colleague Sameedha is possessed. In the beginning, we have seen Sameedha had even tried to hypnotise Kshitij just to know his life history. This was followed by Sameedha magically showing Kshitij the renovation plan of the bungalow. Along with these instances, Sameedha has lied to Kshitij on many accounts.

Kshitij from Ek Ghar Mantarlela
Source: ZEE5

This dangerous relationship between Kshitij and  Sameedha has no good ending. On the other end, we have Nilay, who is losing his wits after seeing haunting hallucinations. While, Kshitij, being in his senses, doesn’t seem to grasp reality around him. After knowing both their conditions, we can’t tell whose is worse.

What do you think about Sameedha and Kshitij’s friendship? Let us know your thoughts if you find it just as scary as we do.

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