Exclusive: Pooja Birari Is Very Confident, Says Saajana Actor Abhijeet Shwetchandra

The actor who plays Pratap's character spoke about his real-life chemistry with his co-star.

College didn’t tell us that chemistry could be so much fun. After seeing sparks flying between Pratap and Rama in Saajana, we believe that true love exists and soulmates are meant to be together. Being hopeless romantics, we love rooting for them. Even though, Abhijeet Shwetchandra confirmed there are twists awaiting the couple, we know their love will win. After seeing their chemistry on camera, we asked Abhijeet what he thought about his co-star Pooja Birari, (not so surprisingly) he had a lot to say.

Watch the episode of Saajana below:

In an exclusive interview with the Saajana actor, we asked him, if he had any advice to give his co-star Pooja Birari. He said, “I didn’t have to give her any advice as she was very confident. Even though this is her first serial, she is stress-free and we are enjoying the shooting. We haven’t had a chance to bond much as our sets are different and so are our scenes.” We can’t wait to start seeing their scenes together.

After talking about his co-star, Abhijeet didn’t hold back discussing the atmosphere on the sets of the show, he said, “We are always having fun even when there is a serious scene. There are pranks happening on the set because of actors like Abhijeet Chavan and Suhas Paranjpe. The overall atmosphere behind the scenes is playful and jovial.” In the show, we see Abhijeet’s character Pratap is a soft-hearted person. Albeit coming from a political background because of his father, Pratap is straightforward. More importantly, he tightly bound to his roots while always standing up for the wrong fundamentals.

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