Guess What Swapnil Joshi Asked Phulpakhru’s Sameer To Do!

Be warned: Even reading this might make you sweaty and all the more impressed with the Joshis.

Mumbai Pune Mumbai actor Swapnil Joshi

Do you know what hitting a jackpot feels like? Watch your favourite celebrity reunions on social media, you will know the feeling. These meetings are just as good and wild as you have imagined. Always living up to your expectations (and exceeding in the level of madness).  Exactly this is what happened when Mumbai Pune Mumbai actor Swapnil Joshi met our favourite Phulpakhru co-stars Trushna Chandratre and Ashish Joshi.

If you have become a fan of Ashish Joshi after reading this, then, you would love watching his serial

Like, most other celebrity reunions, this rendezvous between Swapnil Joshi and Ashish Joshi wasn’t any different. You must have seen and gone puppy-eyed when Ashish Joshi essayed Sameer’s character in Phulpakhru on ZEE5. On the other hand, does Swapnil Joshi even needs any introduction? He has been Marathi industry’s chocolate boy for decades now.  So, when these two talents came together under one roof, can you guess what happened?… Ashish had to flex those muscles and do push-ups under Swapnil’s supervision. What better way to #WERK on that bromance than chalk out a fitness regime.

Well, Ashish was also accompanied by Trushna who stars opposite Ashish in Taniya character! From the post, it seems like they sure had a ball! We would love to know about this tiny reunion of your favourite stars!

Before you sign off, don’t forget to watch Swapnil Joshi’s exclusive interview on Kanala Khada streaming free on ZEE5.