Halal, Sairat, Mulshi Pattern: 5 Socially Relevant Films That Will Interest You

These films cover a range of social issues such as violence, corruption and abuse against women. More details inside!

1. Halal

A Still From Halal
Source: ZEE5

Starring Pritam Kagne and Chinmay Mandlekar, this Marathi film sheds light on the practice of Nikah Halala. The law involves a female divorcee getting married to another man and spending the night with him so that she can get together with her previous husband.

Watch the film here.

2. Sairat

A Still From Sairat
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This Nagraj Manjule film tells the story of Archi ( Rinku Rajguru) and Parshya (Akash Thosar), a girl and boy hailing from different economical backgrounds and starting a life together. Their relationship is rejected by their families and they elope. The couple soon becomes a victim of honour killing, which is a practice involving the boy and girls’ own families killing them. This is a horrific event that takes place in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh mainly.

Watch the film here.

3. Mulshi Pattern

Poster Of Marathi Film Mulshi Pattern
Source: ZEE5

This Mohan Joshi and Mahesh Manjrekar starrer tells the story of a boy who becomes a gangster, after his family’s land is taken over by builders and corporate officials. The film sheds light on the redevelopment plan that shook the city of Pune and how a lot of youngsters turned to crime to vent their anger, seeing their families suffer because of corporate greed.

Watch the film here.

4. Aaghaat

Poster Of Marathi Film Aaghat
Source: ZEE5

Starring Mukta Barve, this film tells the story of a young girl who gets admitted to a reputed hospital for a surgery. But Dr Smita (Mukta) discovers that the girl is being neglected by senior doctor Khurrana, and sets on a mission to save her. The film sheds light on the corruption that takes place in hospitals. Watch the film here.

5. Haapus

Poster Of Marathi Film Haapus
Source: ZEE5

This Shivaji Satam film highlights the struggles of farmers that grow mangoes. They tend to earn lesser than the businessmen who export the mangoes and the film plays on this tragic irony. Watch here.

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