Here’s Why Students Should Neither Be Too Obedient Like Kabir Nor Too Carefree Like Deva

Both the characters in Doctor Don are a bit extreme in their behaviour. So to all the students who wish to be exactly like them, think twice!

Deva and Kabir from Doctor Don

College means freedom. Here we get to live our lives the way we want- wild and free! Many of us make the best use of this phase to explore our inner talents while some of us remain career-oriented. While entering this exciting phase of life, we often get suggestions and advice from everyone. Some tell us to focus on our studies while others encourage us to enjoy college life. In Zee Yuva’s romantic comedy-drama Doctor Donwe see get to see personalities that are poles apart. On one hand, we see a mischievous and rowdy student like Deva and on the other, we see a studious and sincere one like Kabir. They both are extremes and here’s why we think students should be neither too obedient like Kabir nor too carefree like Deva.

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1. Kabir

Kabir from Doctor Don
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Every mother dreams of making her son/daughter studious like Kabir. The young lad is sincere in his studies and strictly follows all the rules and regulations of the college. Such kind of meticulousness is important to be successful in life. Kabir is up-to-date and unlike other students, he prefers to study or read some books instead of partying and wasting time. In the long run, this attitude of Kabir will prove to be very beneficial in his career. However, being an introvert means missing half the fun in life! One won’t be able to create some crazy memories with their buddies and no one wants that, right?

2. Deva

Deva from Doctor Don
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Deva is all packed with energy, fun, and enthusiasm. His friendly and caring nature has made him the stud of his college. He has made a ton of memories with his buddies that he can look back on and reminisce about. In life, even if he doesn’t do well or feels lost, he will be having his gang to lift him up. However, just like every coin has two sides, being a student like Deva also has some cons. With such an attitude, Deva will never be able to make his mark in this competitive world, unless he has amazing luck! Moreover, his parents will be blamed for his casual attitude and that will be way too hurtful!

Therefore what we suggest is that students should have some qualities of Deva and some of Kabir. They need to be good in their studies like Kabir and also be helpful and stress-free like Deva. Along with this, they need to be obedient like Kabir but never compromise on fun like Deva!

What kind of student would you like to be? Or how were you in your college days? Let us know in the comments below!

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