Horn Ok Please Shows The Pros and Cons Of Having An Irritating Fan Girl

Advik Deshpande has to deal with the unreciprocated love of Prajakta Damdere. In a situation like his, what would you have done?

Isha Keskar and Virajas Kulkarni in Horn Ok Please.

The love shared between two people has to be mutual, but things can get complicated when feelings are just one-sided.  More importantly, not having our feelings reciprocated can be torture. It can be uncomfortable for the giving side as well as the receiving side. Who better can tell us about one-sided love than Virajas Kulkarni from the ZEE5 Original Horn Ok Please?

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We have seen Virajas’ character Advik Despande always followed around by his neighbour on the show, Prajakta Damdere. Her feelings for Advik  aren’t something that is going fade easily as your favourite matte lipstick. Although he doesn’t like Prajakta, she doesn’t seem to get a clue and has a knack for popping up in the wrong situations.

Virajas Kulkarni and Isha Keskar on the ZEE5 Original Horn Ok Please.
Virajas Kulkarni and Isha Keskar on the ZEE5 Original Horn Ok Please.

The hilarity ensues after Advik’s roommate, Gayatri Belwalkar (played by Isha Keskar) falsely convinces Prajakta of his love for her just so that Gayatri and Advik can stay in the building. Meanwhile, Prajakta’s father is hellbent on throwing them out of the building. We couldn’t stop laughing throughout this scene as poor Prajakta fell for this!

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