5 Signs To Recognise An Animal Lover Like Savitri From Chi Va Chi Sau Ka?

We get to see these traits through Mrinmayee Godbole's character who is a hardcore vegetarian.

Mrinmayee Godbole and Lalit Prabhakar on the Chi Va Chi Sau Ka poster.

This year, if you have gone anywhere on social media, then you would know it has been flooding with animal videos. The innocent animals are caught unaware in their funniest moments (and have the world laughing at them). Amongst the zillions watching these, only a few of them are animal lovers. If you have watched the Marathi film Chi Va Chi Sau Ka on ZEE5, then you would notice Savitri (played by Mrinmayee Godbole) is a true animal lover. Her affection for them knows no bounds

Watch Savitri and Satya struggle to find a middle ground on Chi Va Chi Sau Ka below:

If you are in the same league as Savitri from Chi Va Chi Sau Ka, here are quirky aspects all animal lovers will relate to!

1. All the creepy and crawly creatures are your besties

If a spider crawls on you, you will probably caress it or shake it off. The thought of killing it is against your carnal rules. Even when your besties are freaking out around these creatures, you will calmly move them out of the house.

2. You are sensitive to other non-vegetarians’ habits

The very thought people consuming meat is intolerable to you. Did you see how Savitri took time to adjust to Satyaprakash, a hardcore non-vegetarian?

3. You will get attached to another animal lover

People with whom you can share your mutual love and passion are your true friends.  With them, you talk about your different animal rescue operations, share animal videos and laugh about all the funny animal related things.  The first time, when Savitri mishears Satya (Lalit Prabhakar is an animal lover), she becomes quickly interested in him.

4. You prefer animals over people

You can talk to people only after a cuppa and a cuddle with a puppy.  You have a long-time committed relationship with the animals around you, more than with the people. Look how Savitri gets puppy-eyed when sees a tiniest of creatures.

5. Your camera roll is filled with animal pictures

After ignoring people around you, you will probably be staring at animal pictures in your gallery, Instagram trending and Pinterest boards. These pictures are your main people, just like Savitri. She, too, is obsessed with checking animals, more so, after her parents refuse to get a pet at home.

Truly being an animal activist comes with a lot of responsibility, which is more than just uploading puppy cuddle videos on your social media.

Do you relate to any of these signs? We would love to know in the comments.

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