Hruta Durgule And Trushna Chandratre Have A Mini Reunion With Mandar Devasthali!

The actresses of Phulpakhru clicked pictures and documented their time together on Instagram.

Hruta Durgule and Trushna Chandratre

The Marathi serial Phulpakhru might have ended but the bond which the artists forged during the shooting still stays strong. It was only just a few days back, we reported how Yashoman Apte and Ashish Joshi took a trip together. Just like these boys, the ladies of Phulpakhru too are having their own mini-reunion along with Mandar Devasthali! We are so glad this has happened as it is exactly what we needed. Have we got you curious? Have a look!

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below: 

The magic of Phulpakhru was so powerful that it spread among the audience and the actors alike. Today, as we miss the serial and reminisce our favourite moments, the actors of the show are still giving us reasons to fall deeply in love with it. Recently, Hruta and Trushna, who were seen in Vaidehi and Tanya’s characters, met Mandar Devasthali who directed Phulpakhru. In this get-together, they clicked pictures and documented these memories on Instagram for their followers to see.

We have always seen Trushna gush about Mandar who, she believes, is an inspiration to her. Their bonding so strong that in Phulpakhru, Mandar played Tanya’s uncle role. On social media, Trushna has always been vocal about how grateful she has been for her time in Phulpakhru.

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