Hruta Durgule’s New Look Will Make You Ditch Your Makeup Kit

The actress who plays Vaidehi on Phulpakhru empowers us to be confident without makeup.


Usually, our mornings worsen when our makeup refuses to co-operate with us. We mean, who knew we would be having relationship problems with the expensive eyeshadow palette we bought last week? Thankfully, we have Phulpakhru’s Hruta Durgule to teach us how to be comfortable in our natural skin.

Are you taken by Hruta’s beauty? You will be even more impressed by her acting skills

Thanks to the hard work of the makeup artists, we get to see celebs decked up for the shoot. So, it is rare to get a glimpse of their no-makeup look. Ditching this regular notion, Hruta who plays Vaidehi’s character on Phulpakhru posted a barefaced selfie, making us break into a happy dance.

This side of Hurta was just equally beautiful and confident. In the Western world, too, we have seen leading actresses ditch their makeup brushes and strut down the red carpet like the total #BossBabes.

On the brighter side, these makeup-free mornings also saves ample of time which is spent getting the contour right. After all,  it is rightly said, “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius”.

So, are you going break-up with your vanity kit? Tell your opinion in the comments.

If you have fallen in love with Hruta’s beauty just like us, then, watch her pleasant interview streaming on ZEE5.