If You Are A Nature Lover Like Suyash Tilak, Watch Out For These 6 Traits

The Baapmanus star is more than just an actor in real life.

Baapmanus actor Suyash Tilak.

You might find true love after seeing a box full of chocolates, while the others find their soulmates after looking at Mother Nature. Falling in the latter category is Suyash Tilak from Baapmanus who is an avid conservationist and lover of nature photography. You have seen him play Surya’s character in the Marathi TV show.

Meanwhile, in reel life, in the role of Surya, Suyash Tilak takes care of Dadasaheb’s legacy in Baapmanus

If you appreciate nature just as much as him, then, you will relate to these six things.

1. Your better half is mother nature

You talk about nature with such intensity that it can be a tad bit surprising for others. You try to adapt to the eco-friendly and organic ways of living. You try to make as little waste as possible.

2. Trekking trumps binge watching shows 

For you, trekking weekends are a must. It’s your thing to spend time with your loved one, that is, “mother nature” after a week of work keeping you both apart.

Lake surrounded by snow clad mountains
Source: Pexels

3. Sunsets have an amazing power over you

There is nothing better in life than watching the setting sun as it paints the sky with beautiful colours. No matter how busy you are, make time for sunsets.

4. Your Instagram is full of pictures of nature

What will your Instagram profile be, if you don’t profess love for your passion? Being a nature lover, your Instagram will be flooding with pictures of nature photography.

5. You will fight heart and soul for her

It is painful to see the amount of increasing pollution. As the glaciers are melting and sea belts are getting more polluted each day, you will be the first one to take an initiative towards it.

6. Mud becomes your best friend

You don’t cringe from being in the mud or being around insects. Even when you have freshly manicured nails, you won’t think twice before digging your hand into the mud. While your friends might scream and run, you are a no-fuss, chill person.

We would love to know, which amongst the above points do you relate to? Tell us in the comments!

If you want to see more of Suyash’s onscreen acting, don’t forget to tune into Ka Re Durava streaming on ZEE5.