Just Like Aamhi Doghi’s Meera, Every Fashionista Must Have These 5 Shoes In Her Collection

We are stealing inspiration from the Aamhi Doghi actress Khushboo Tawde!

Flat Shoes Every Fashionista Needs In Her #Shoerobe.

A pair of heels might make you look stunning, sexy and tall. But, no matter what, they can’t give us the comfort the flat shoes can (even those expensive Manolos and Louboutins are beautifully painful). Besides, when was the last time you sprinted in heels? See, your answer lies right there. Co-incidently, we recently saw Khushboo Tawde (who plays Meera in Aamhi Doghi on ZEE5) wear stylish flats which became our inspiration behind this article.

In Aamhi Doghi, Khushboo Tawde looks just as chic, have a look

On that note, here are the most coveted flats that your #shoerobe needs right now!

1. Juttis

No matter how far we walk into modernism, no one can escape the magic of juttis. They come in various colours, textures and patterns! Take a pick, girl!

2. Kolhapuris

These shoes are a lovechild of western and modern. Just the usual Kolhapuris with a twist. (A very good twist, indeed.)

3. Mules

If love mules but are scared of wearing the heeled ones, these ones are your perfect option. They look just as stylish.

4. Loafers

Can anyone escape the spell of classic black loafers? They look extremely sophisticated without even trying.

5. Slip-on

These are the easiest to wear. As the name suggests, you don’t have to struggle with wearing and removing them. Just as the option above, they come in vibrant combinations and designs!

Every shoe obsessed girl knows one pair isn’t just enough. With the options above, you are sorted for life (or a month, for sure)! So, we would love to know which amongst the above will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments below!

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