Kaale Dhande: 5 Hillarious Scenes From The ZEE5 Original Series You Can’t Miss

The series features Mahesh Manjrekar, Shubhankar Tawade and Neha Khan in lead roles. More details inside!

1. Vicky gets caught

ZEE5 has released its latest original Marathi series Kaale Dhande. It features Mahesh Manjrekar (Anna Bhai), Neha Khan (Swapnali)  and Shubhankar Tawade (Vicky) in lead roles. The series tells the tale of a budding photographer Vicky, who lands in trouble due to certain unforeseen circumstances. Kaale Dhande is a laughter- riot, mixed with interesting plot twists. The series is filled with scenes that will leave you in splits, and we look at the five best ones.

Watch the trailer of the series here.

In this scene, Vicky locks himself in the bathroom and helps himself, while watching an adult video. Because he has headphones on, he can’t hear his family calling out to him from the living room. They get panicky when Vicky doesn’t respond and soon word spreads in the neighbourhood about the same. When Vicky finally finishes and opens the door, he is faced by 100 angry and worried faces! This scene is hilarious as its out and out bizarre!

2. Vicky meets Swapnali

Due to his profession, Vicky gets to meet several people. One his clients is a young girl named Swapnali. Vicky is flabbergasted with how sexy and attractive she is. But his impression of her goes down the drain once she opens her mouth. Her high pitched voice and ridiculous sense of humour, throw him off completely! This scene will get you rolling on the floor laughing as Neha’s hilarious act as a bimbo is spot on.

3. Kaka gets kinky

Vicky’s family friend Baban (Nikhil Ratnaparkhi) catches Vicky making out with Swapanli on the beach and tells his family. Vicky seeks revenge from Kaka by making his female friend pose as a seductress, looking for a loan. Kaka is enamored by her and starts chatting with her on Whatsapp, unaware that it’s Vicky talking to him and fooling him from the other end. Baban’s Whatsapp is corny and typical, which is funny to watch.

4. Kaka is in trouble

Vicky and his friends hatch a plan to catch Kaka red-handed with the seductress and click pictures. They succeed in land up at his place, to reveal the same to his wife. Vicky teases Kaka to make him more nervous and the latter keeps pretending to cough, to stop him from exposing his truth. Don’t miss Nikhil’s amazing act here!

5. Vicky and gang meet Anna Bhai

In order to teach Vicky and his friends a lesson, Kaka gets in touch with a don to get after the boys. We are introduced to Anna Bhai, played by Mahesh. So brilliant is the actor in this role, that he convinces you that no other could have played it, than him. Mahesh’s swag and comic timing are right on point. We challenge you not to laugh in this scene.

Watch all the episodes of Kaale Dhande exclusively on ZEE5 here and tell us which scene did you find the funniest.