Kaale Dhande: 5 Things Vicky Does In The Series That Most Youngsters Will Relate To

The ZEE5 original Marathi series features Mahesh Manrekar, Shubhankar Tawade and Neha Khan in lead roles. More details inside!

1. Ignoring parents

Kaale Dhande is the latest original Marathi series dropped by ZEE5. Starring Mahesh Manjrekar (Anna Bhai), Shubhankar Tawade (Vicky) and Neha Khan (Swapnali), the series tells the tale of a budding photographer Vicky, who gets involved with a mafia gang, due to certain circumstances. There are several scenes in this series that most youngsters can relate to.

Watch the first episode here.

We start the list with this scene where Vicky is ignoring his mother, as he looks through his phone. Aren’t most of us guilty of this? If only we had a nickel for each time we have picked up our phones and shut out what our parents are saying!

2. Getting cosy at the beach

Most youngsters end up keeping their dating life a secret from their parents. Vicky does the same as he gets closer to his new client, Swapnali. The two end up coochie- cooing at the beach and getting caught by Vicky’s family friend! We bet either of the two has happened to most of you at some point, right?

3. Getting drunk with friends

When things don’t go according to plan and you want to vent, there’s nothing like a good glass of liquor with the besties right? In this scene, Vicky gets wasted with his friends after his family friend tells his mum and dad about the antics that he (Vicky) was indulging in at the beach.

4. Spending the entire day with your gang

Adulting robs you off the times when you would spend the entire day with your beloved gang. Listening to music, ordering pizzas, binge-watching- it was such a simple and fun time right? You can see Vicky and his gang doing just that in this scene, as they chill all day in a room jazzed up with fancy Bob Marley and Metallica posters.

5. Playing tit for tat

And lastly, remember engaging in pointless wars and seeking revenge from your rival gang? Vicky and his friends teach Baban (family friend) a hard lesson for messing with them. But do things go according to plan? That’s for you to watch and find out!

Which of these scenes according to you is the most relatable? Tell us in the comments section below! Catch all the episodes of Kaale Dhande, streaming exclusively on ZEE5 here.