Khusbboo Tawde From Aamhi Doghi Goes On A Coffee Date And We Can’t Keep Calm!

Can you guess who her date is?

Khushboo Tawde in a still from Aamhi Doghi on ZEE5.

Having a sister is one of the best things, but sometimes it can become downright painful.  Just watch Aamhi Doghi on ZEE5, you will see Madhura always harassing Meera. Understandably, tired of this behaviour, Meera (whose character is played by Khusboo Tawde) recently went on a coffee date just get out of the negativity.

If you are just as much in love with her character, Meera as us, watch her on Aamhi Doghi

Jokes aside, Khushboo took a break from her hectic shooting schedule shared a hot drink with Hruta Durgule who plays Vaidehi in Phulpakhru.  It is delightful to see Khushboo and Hruta, the main actresses of the leading shows have a pleasant bond. Incidentally, going by their Instagram feed, it is seen that they hang out quite often. Whoever said actresses can’t be friends surely needs to see this.

We wonder what ‘girl talks’ do they share over a coffee.  Coincidentally, did you know even their onscreen partners- Yashoman Apte and Vivek Sangle share a strong bromance?

Do you like their serials just as much as? Tell us in the comments about who is your favourite character.

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