Khushboo Tawde, Vivek Sangle And Prasiddhi Kishor’s Aamhi Doghi To End?

We have bitter-sweet news for you.

Vivek Sangle and Khushboo Tawde and Prasiddhi Kishor on Aamhi Doghi.

Going through a break-up is hard and confusing. You might think you have moved on, but, there is always something that will always remind you of your ex and the relationship. There are so many stages that you don’t know when you are ready to let go of it. Understanding this harsh truth, we wanted to be the first one to help you cope up with your imminent break up with Aamhi Doghi.  The show, which completed its third century sometime ago, is going to end on 13th July.

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A little over a year ago, right after watching the first episode, we knew Aamhi Doghi was the one. It hit home. In the show, the tumultuous love triangle of Meera, Madhura and Aditya, has been nothing short of dramatic. The siblings, Madhura and Meera began their journey from being sworn enemies to now becoming best friends. Their rivalry was over Aditya who initially had feelings for Meera as Madhura tried to woo him. But, soon after Meera got married to someone else, Aditya’s love turned into vengeance as he went after destroying Meera’s life. But, the silver lining of this whole episode was Meera and Madhura kept their enmity aside as they stood together as sisters.

The actors, Khushboo Tawde, Vivek Sangle and Prasiddhi Kishor did a fantastic job of entertaining. Now, this dramatic and feel-good show is soon going to end blissfully. But, if you ever tend to miss it, ZEE5 will always be streaming the show. So, don’t you worry!

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