Like Team Saajana, 5 Rainy Day Snacks That You Should Indulge In This Season!

All those yummy samosas and bhajjis are calling your name. So, what are you waiting for?

1. Kanda Bhajji

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Rama and Pratap’s electrifying love story has enough sparks in it to power up the Railway lines in Mumbai. Recently, in Saajana, we saw them enjoying and indulging in the magic of these monsoons. We bet, after looking at them, you too must have drenched in the beautiful rains with your loved ones. As you are at it, amp up your experience of this weather by having the rainy day snacks! Before you start imagining and salivating already, here are snacks that will make your rain memories unforgettable.

Let’s begin with the showstopper, that is, Kanda Bhajji. This stand-alone beauty can make any meal delicious! When someone offers it is to you, don’t you ever deny your chance of having it.

2. Hot jalebis

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This snack made from frying the batter in the shape of a coil. It tastes the best when had with rabdi or hot milk. The best part? It has a delicious crisp from the outside and has liquidy sugar from inside.

3. Samosas

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If a samosa would ever runs for the presidency of the snack world, it would win unanimously. The hard crust is filled with potato goodness from the inside. It tastes the best when had with the spicy and sweet chutneys.

4. Maggi

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Breakfast? Maggi. Lunch? Maggi. Dinner? Maggi. We would never get tired even if you serve us Maggi for these three courses. The best days are spent watching it pour outside and eating this dish while covered in our blankets.

5. Tea and biscuits

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If there was a list of the best combinations in this world, the first spot would be stolen by tea and biscuits. Imagine having a brewing hot cutting while dunking your favourite biscuit in it, when you go on a early morning bike ride. These little memories which you make with food will light you up in the darkest days.

We don’t blame you if you have already gone to the chai corner below your building and tried ordering all these snacks.

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