Like The Phulpakhru Family, Spend Your Monsoons Bonding Over These Board Games

We are stealing inspiration from Manas, Vaidehi, Baba and Atya.

1. Pictionary

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The Phulpakhru family knows how to enjoy the monsoons without stepping out of the house. In the recent episode, we saw them come together to play a game of carrom. As we know, a rainy day and board games are a combination that never gets old. Along with that, if you called for a plateful of bhajiyas and samosas, then, you know it’s a formula for making unforgettable memories. Looking at them, are you tempted to make some happy memories with your loved ones? You could begin with these board games.

When you play Pictionary, it doesn’t matter whether or not you are an artist. You have to make two teams. Each person from the team takes a turn to draw a picture of the word the rest of the team has to guess. Whichever team guesses the word first, gets to roll the die.

Before you proceed, don’t forget to tune into the latest episode of Phulpakhru:

2. Scrabble

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In this board game, you are expected to make words from the letters given to you. Scrabble is excellent for wordbuilding and increasing your vocabulary.

3. Monopoly

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Want to know, how the businessman in you will fare in case you ever started your own venture? You could test your entrepreneurial skills in Monopoly. In this game, you are expected to buy and sell properties and pay money for the amenities you use. You will be sent to jail, too. So roll the die safely, before you regret it.

4. Jenga

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You have to align the blocks upon each other crisscross. Each time, you turn comes, you have to pull one bar carefully without collapsing the whole tower. If the tower collapses, you are out of the game which starts afresh with the remaining players. The rulebook says you have to use just one hand while playing this game.

5. Uno

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You have to begin the game with a set of seven cards. According to the colour of the starting card, you have to decide the card to put. The stack has weapons including ‘Draw Four’, ‘Draw Two’, ‘Skip’ and ‘Reverse’. The person who finishes his cards first is the winner. You know according to the well-known myth, this game has turned best-friends into sworn enemies. So, choose wisely. (*wink wink*)

After reading this, which game are you going to pick up as the thunderstorms go wild? We would love to know in the comments below.

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