Looose Control: 5 Funniest Scenes From This Akshay Mhatre, Shashikant Kerkar Starrer

The film also features Manmeet Pem, Bhau Kadam and Kushal Badrike in lead roles. More details inside!

1. Pinak begs Dattya for money

Looose Control tells the story of three engineering students Pinak (Shashikant Kerkar), Jaggu (Manmeet Pem) and Amol (Akshay Mhatre). In order to pass their exams, they come up with an idea to film an MMS clip that they can bribe their college authorities with, in exchange of question papers. But nothing goes according to plan and soon, the trio lands in major soup. We bring to you the 5 funniest scenes from the film, starting with this one here where Pinak begs a brother owner Dattya, for money.

Watch the whole film here.

In order to acquire the money, Pinak puts up a fake act and says that his sister is in a critical condition and he requires money for her treatment. Shashikant’s crying stint is hilarious here and can’t be missed at any cost!

2. A wedding, interrupted

In order to film the MMS, Amol, Pinak and Jaggu start hunting for plausible prospects. They start befriending women whom they think can have a one-night stand with them. Pinak comes across a woman, whom he flirts with and manages to charm. On the night when he’s supposed to film the MMS with her, he calls her to ask where she is. And she happens to be getting married! The girl picks up the call and says that she will have to bail out of the plan as she decided to get married last minute and forgot to inform him. Lol, talk about randomness eh?

3. Julie displays her talent

When all women that they had planned to film the MMS with bail out, Amol, Jaggu and Pinak decide to call a hooker. They are told they will be sent a woman named Julie. And naturally, the trio imagined a glamorous and sexy woman walking through the doors. They even fantasise about the same till their bubble is burst by an obnoxious and loud woman of the same name. She says she changed her voice on the phone and starts mimicking various voices to display her talent. This scene will leave you in splits!

4. Julie and Dattya get new nightwear

Julie is soon accompanied by her boss Dattya, who operates the brothel that she works in. They set camp at Amol’s home and soon start feeling uncomfortable with their clothes. So what do they do? They pull out Amol’s father and mother’s nightwear and change into them! And Amol frantically tells them to get out of them and not mess with his parent’s clothes. Lol, trust us, you will laugh endlessly at this one.

5. The great escape

And lastly, when the police surround Amol’s apartment after they come to know of his and his gang’s MMS-filming plan, the trio escapes by climbing down the water pipe. But a policeman catches Pinak and starts kicking him on his backside. His friends rescue him and carry him, making the experience even more painful for Pinak.

Check out all of these scenes in the film above and tell us about your favourite scene in the comments section below. For more entertainment, check out the collection of fun Marathi films on ZEE5 here.