Love Phulpakhru? Watch These 5 Youth-Oriented Shows On ZEE5 Now!

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1. Freshers

Phulpakhru remains one of the most popular shows on Zee Yuva for continuously over two years. The phenomenal success could be attributed to the serial’s popularity within the youth. We have grown up looking at Manas and Vaidehi’s journey. Their triumphs have been ours, so have been their failures. Each day, every episode keeps us wanting for more, to an extent where we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Like us, if you are going through a similar situation, here are shows on ZEE5 you ought to check out in Phulpakhru’s absence.

Mitali Mayekar and Amruta Deshmukh take you on a nostalgic trip through this show. You will get to taste a delicious smoothie that is prepared when the youths come together with their backpack full of dreams and ambitions. Looking at them, awaken your inner excited child and scream out loud, “ki aaj kuch kar dikhana hai”.

Before you waste another second, watch the show here.

2. Dil Dosti Duniyadaari

Ever wonder what happens when different personalities come together under the same roof? You need to watch the hilarious and emotional onscreen journey of Sakhi Gokhale, Suvrat Joshi along with the Faster Fene actor Amey Wagh. If the cult favourite show ‘Friends’ would have a Desi sibling, Dil Dosti Duniyadaari would be the one.

Don’t think, just watch the show here.

3. Love Lagna Locha

Unlike our parents who had to go through a typical kande-pohe session, we are swiping right on the dating apps to hit jackpot. Easy-peezy, right? Similarly, Saksham Kulkarni, Omkar Govardhan and Vivek Sangle‘s characters show us that we are not alone, and it’s okay to make (regrettable!) mistakes. Because only then can we learn.

Before anymore locha happens, watch the show here.

4. Tuza Maza Breakup

What happens after you fall in love? You get hitched. What if after tying a knot, your relationship with your partner doesn’t remain as hunky-dory as before? Tuza Maza Breakup gives us a reality check through Sainkeet Kamat and Ketaki Chitale’s characters. It challenges our notions by showing us marriage is not full of pink clouds and floating unicorns that social media has led us to believe.

C’mon, what are you waiting for? Watch the show here.

5. Hamari Bahu Silk

Being young comes with a given knowledge of taking risks. We refused to be cages in a mould rather aspiring to break it and create (never-heard-of-before) careers just for ourselves. Much like us, the lead Pakhi starts voicing for B-grade films. It is for us to see how this daring career choice takes a toll on her personal life.

By now, you know the drill, watch the show here.

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Apart from the youth-oriented shows, ZEE5 also has a wide array of other interesting shows for you to pick from! Watch now.