Manva And Mai’s Bond In Tu Ashi Jawali Raha Is Stronger Than Your Coffee

The actresses Titeeksha Tawde and Janhavi Panshikar show off their real-life bond through this picture!

Manva and Mai from Tu Ashi Jawali Raha

Currently, the situation in Tu Ashi Jawali Raha is tensed. Manva and Mai can’t stop trying as Rajveer isn’t ready to accept his mother Sadhana back in his life. We have seen Manva give her best shot at bringing them close while Kaka and Kaku are secretly working against her. Along with Manva, even Mai is trying to persuade her grandson to keep his anger aside, but her efforts have gone waste. So, you get a hang of how stressful things are in the Mohite-Patil family. But, luckily, Manva and Mai have devised ways to not let this tension get to them. Are you curious to know what we are talking about? Have a look!

Watch an episode of Tu Ashi Jawali Raha below:

We have been with Rajveer and Manva’s family through their highs and lows. Although we had their back as an audience, they had to see a lot of difficulties. So, even in these times, Mai and Manva have found ways to keep smiling. On the sets of the show, the actresses Titeeksha Tawde and Janhavi Panshikar, who play Manva and Mai’s characters, are pouting and clicking selfies to keep their spirits high. In the picture posted by Titeeksha alongside her senior co-star, she asked her fans to guess who is teaching the whom to pout! This is something you won’t get to see in front of the camera.

We were quick to like the picture and check the fan reaction who were excited to see this tight bond between the stars. We think Mai is teaching Manva to pout! (*wink wink*) What are your thoughts? Let us know them in the comments below.

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