Nikhil Damle’s Favourite Hobby During The Lockdown Will Truly Surprise You – Watch Video

The actor who plays Nachiket Deshpande in Almost Sufal Sampoorna beats the lockdown blues by doing this- find out what inside!

Nikhil Damle from Almost Sufal Sampoorna

Of late, the entire world has been experiencing one of the toughest phases in the history of mankind. The coronavirus pandemic has struck the economic and social stratum of society. Thousands of lives have been lost and the cases continue to rise. However, the efforts of angelic forces like doctors, nurses, NGOs, and other concerned authorities are giving us hope of brighter days ahead. Citizens are also co-operating and religiously practising the lockdown rules and regulations like social distancing and maintaining healthy habits. Many celebrities and other renowned personalities have stepped forward to motivate their fans to continue to stay home and fight unitedly. Many of them are engaging with their fans through social media platforms and giving them tips on how to stay fit and productive during the lockdown. But what if you are simply bored like Almost Sufal Sampoorna actor Nikhil Damle aka Nachiket Deshpande and don’t want to do anything creative? When everyone is busy keeping themselves fit, preparing delicacies, reading, dancing, painting, etc., Nikhil has decided to get rid of his stress by helping out in household chores.

Watch the episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna here.

The actor has charmed everyone with his matured and loving personality as Nachiket in Almost Sufal Sampoorna. The actor is very popular among the female fans for his good looks and amazing acting skills. Till now, Nikhil had kept his fans curious about what he has been doing during the lockdown. But not anymore! Instead of following social media trends and challenges, the actor keeps busy by doing simple household work like washing utensils. He finds the task quite fascinating and loves indulging in it whenever he gets time. Who would’ve thought! Looks like Sai just got an idle life partner, eh? Check out this video:

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