Nude: All You Need To Know About The Controversies That This Ravi Jadhav Film Courted

The 2018 Marathi film saw its fare share of trouble, before making it to cinemas and becoming a critical and commercial success.

A Still From Nude

Ravi Jadhav’s 2018 film Nude, tells the story of Yamuna (Kalyanee Mulay), who leaves her abusive husband and travels to Mumbai with her son. To fund for her son’s education, Yamuna starts working as a nude model, in JJ School of Arts. She is encouraged by her aunt Chandrakka (Chhaya Kadam), who is also in the same profession. The film sheds light on the hypocritical and patriarchal society that we live in. It also aims to break the stigma associated with the profession of nude modelling.

Watch the film here.

Though Nude was a critical and commercial success upon its release, it went through its share of turbulent times. Given the bold content that it carries, this Ravi Jadhav directional was dropped from the screening list of International Film Festival of Goa in 2017. The decision was taken by the I&B Ministry. Aside from this, the film also faced plagiarism charges. Delhi Court stayed the film’s release after a plagiarism case was filed against Nude,  alleging that the film is a copy of film Kalindi, written by Manisha Kulshreshtha.

After battling all these controversies, Nude finally saw its theatrical release on April 27, 2018. Initially, the film got into trouble with the Censor Board but eventually made it to the screens, without any cuts. You can’t put a lid on brilliance, can you? Kudos to Ravi and the team for holding his own and emerging a warrior!

A Still From Nude
Source: ZEE5

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