Patil Movie Review: This Santosh Mijgar Film Is An Inspiring Tale Of True Love And Success

The film starring Narendra Deshmukh and Bhagyashree Mote teaches important life lessons that we all can practice to climb the ladder of success.

Poster Of Marathi Film Patil Starring Bhagyashree Mote And Narendra Deshmukh

Sometimes, one needs that extra nudge to go after his or her dreams. If you are walking the path alone with no one supporting you, the journey can be demotivating. But an inspiring story can make you get back up and moving again. Such is the case with Marathi film Patil, directed by Santosh Mijgar, which is just the extra push you need to keep going. Starring Narendra Deshmukh and Bhagyashree Mote, this film is an inspiring tale of love and success.

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Patil tells the story of Krishna (Narendra), a boy hailing from a poor family, who wishes to become an IAS officer. He falls in love with Pushpa (Bhagyashree), a girl belonging to a rich family. Krishna’s father works for Pushpa’s family and hence their relationship is frowned upon, especially by Pushpa’s possessive elder brother. Due to a tragic event, Krishna and Pushpa go their separate ways and Krishna decides to pursue his dream of becoming an IAS officer.

The film focuses on pressing social issues throughout its narrative, starting with reservations. The practice has always been controversial where a certain section of people find it beneficial while others think it unnecessary. The film then shifts focus on poverty as well as the water crisis in Maharashtra. Even though Patil is an emotional drama, it doesn’t shy away from providing a critique on issues that need attention.

Patil also sheds light on the struggle faced by common man today. Krishna is on a mission to become an IAS officer but doesn’t have enough money to pay for the coaching classes. As a result, he takes up a job as watchman to fill his pockets. The storyline is realistic as well as believable. Above all, its relatable as there are millions, going through the grind and making a living each day.

A Still Of Narendra Deshmukh From Patil
Source:A still from Patil streaming on ZEE5.

The performances are equally appealing, and we give a special shout out to director Santosh Mijgar, who also plays Krishna’s father in the film. Patil hails from a humble background and works as a clerk. He always wanted to become an IAS officer but didn’t have the means to. Hence, he wishes to see Krishna become one and the latter makes sure he fulfills his father’s dream. Santosh is convincing as the vulnerable and emotional father, looking out for his children. There’s a scene in which the actor is remembering his childhood and his act is heartwarming.

A Still Of Santosh Mijgar In Patil
Source: A still from Patil streaming on ZEE5.

Narendra is as powerful as the struggling boy, chasing after his big dream. He is complemented well by his co-star Bhagyashree who is believable as the much-in-love damsel, longing to be with her prince charming. The two’s love story is sweet and touching. Bhagyashree and Narendra share a great on-screen chemistry and prove that their pairing works. 

A Still Of Narendra Deshmukh And Bhagyashree Mote From Patil
Source: A still from Patil streaming on ZEE5.

Patil overall is an engaging film to watch and will especially appeal to those that love emotional films. It is high on drama, and yet steers clear from becoming over dramatic. What’s captivating is the flow of the film and the simplistic manner in which the narrative has been presented.

Be prepared to go on a thrilling ride of romance, drama and tragedy! Watch the film and post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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