Phulpakhru 01 April 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Vaidehi Surprised To See Revati

Vaidehi plans to surprise Manas but gets shocked to see Manas and Revati together at home.

Isha, Vikrant and Aaisaheb in a still from Tula Pahate Re

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, we saw Shubham reveals his plan for Vaidehi as he has a grudge against Raosaheb who is Vaidehi’s father. On the other hand, Manas gets an offer from the RBK music company and the episode ends on a happy note.

Catch up the latest episode below:

In today’s episode, Revati makes a phone call to Manas and asks him if he can meet her for the last time as she is about to complete the story and this would be their last meeting as well. Manas agrees to meet her and while talking to Revati he gets a call from Vaidehi. Vaidehi calls Manas to congratulate him for the offer he got from RBK music company. Manas then quickly agrees to meet Revati and connects with Vaidehi.

After the call, Vaidehi tells Shubham while walking towards the meeting room that she is going to surprise Manas by reaching home one day before schedule. Shubham then tells Vaidehi that Manas is lucky to have her and Vaidehi replies to it saying even she is equally lucky to have Manas.

Manas gets ready to go and meet Revati but to his surprise, Revati comes at his house and Manas awkwardly welcomes her in. Revati then continues with her interview which stretches till late at night. By the time their interview gets completed Vaidehi and Atya reach home and get surprised to see Manas and Revati together.

Revati then completes her interview and leaves but Vaidehi seems unhappy with this. Vaidehi gets a call from Shubham to enquire if they reached home safely, she then takes this as an opportunity to tease Manas and goes to her room to talk to Shubham.

Both Vaidehi and Manas come to their bedroom but are a little jealous about Revati and Shubham. Vaidehi then tells Manas about the gift she has brought for him and Manas quickly jumps to try it. Manas and Vaidehi both confront each other that they were jealous and share a laugh.

Will Revati try to meet Manas again? Keep watching to know more.

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