Phulpakhru 1 April 2019 Preview: Does Vaidehi Suspect Manas’ Loyalty?

Vaidehi catches Manas with a girl.

Hruta Durgule and Yashoman Apte in Phulpakhru

In the latest episode of Phulpakhru, Manas’ voice is liked by RBK Music Company and they want to record an album with him. Meanwhile, Manas confesses that he knows Tanya is hiding here as he has seen her shoes. He tells them is okay as everything is fair in love. Then, he tells that he is leaving for some work as he wants to give them some time alone. Manas thinks about all the funny things happened with Sameer and Tanya. At home, Sameer and Tanya are discussing their love and relationship. They both confess that they love and respect each other too much. She is happy that Sameer didn’t lose his control.

Watch the spoiler below:

Manas is having a chat with some girl at home. As she is about to leave, Vaidehi and Atya along with Maahi enter the house. On seeing the girl, Vaidehi has an anxious expression on her face.

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