Phulpakhru 10 April 2019 Written Update: Shubham Is Vaidehi’s Secret Admirer?

Shubham is the same person who used to call Vaidehi from an unknown number.


In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, we saw Revati comes to wish Manas for the gudi padwa but Manas gets irritated to see her. She then tries to convince Vaidehi by telling her that she lied to Manas because she wanted to be sure that the company is selecting the right person. Vaidehi seems quite convinced by her. Manas then says yes to the contract. Seeing this Vaidehi and Revati get happy and Revati leaves.

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In today’s episode, Manas closes the door and gets romantic with Vaidehi but then someone knocks the door. Manas then gets irritated and opens the door. Sameer and Tanya enter the house as they are still fighting with each other. Manas tells them to go to Atya’s room and continue fighting.

Atya comes in and tells everyone to have lunch as they have made a special delicacies. Manas, Vaidehi, Atya, Sameer and Tanya are seen together having lunch. Manas asks Vaidehi to feed him with her hands and even Manas does the same for Vaidehi. Seeing them even Sameer tries to feed Tanya but ends up teasing her.

Revati calls Vaidehi and apologises her for disturbing them on the day of Gudi Padwa. She also says that she hopes that she understands Revati as she is also a businesswoman. On the other hand, Shubham plans to call Vaidehi but this time he reveals that he is the same person who used to call her from an unknown number.

Later, Atya gets a call from her husband asking her to come back as she also has her kids to take care of but she says that even Manas and Vaidehi need her. On hearing this, her husband disconnects the call. Atya’s mood is spoilt after this and she is sad. Everyone tries to ask what has happened but she doesn’t tell anything. Sameer then tries to lighten up everyone’s mood with his antics and he succeeds in making Atya smile.

Why did Shubham call Vaidehi from an unknown number? Keep watching to know more.

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