Phulpakhru 10 June 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Sulu’s Arrival Surprises Everyone

The moment Sulu enters the house, everyone keeps staring at her especially Baba and his friends. But seeing this, Aai gets upset.

Sulu Aunty

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Manas manages to get done with his shoot on time and comes home. While entering the house, Tanya blames Revati for not leaving him early, this annoys Sameer. While Baba and his friends are chatting they mention Sulu’s name. Hearing this, Aai gets surprised and looks at Baba. Later when she goes into the kitchen, Baba tells his friends to avoid Sulu’s name as it is a controversial topic.

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In tonight’s episode, Baba is seen showing the house to his friends. When he enters Manas and Vaidehi’s bedroom, he sees them playing with Maahi. After Baba and his friends walk out of the room, Vaidehi tells Manas that it was a near miss or else it would have become an awkward situation.

After coming downstairs, Sameer asks Manas about Sulu’s status and where has she reached. He tells him that she is nearby and will be reaching any time soon. A few moments later, a beautiful lady enters the house and refers to Baba as Nand. It is none other than Sulu. Seeing her beauty, everyone gets startled. Especially Aai when she sees Sulu hugging Baba and wishing him on his birthday. Baba is surprised after seeing Sulu and is unable to take his eyes off her. This scenario is enjoyed by Sameer, Tanya, Vaidehi and Manas but on the other hand, Aai gets upset.

Later, when Baba is introducing everyone to Sulu, he comes to know that it was Manas who invited her to the birthday party. Baba continues to introduce her to Atya and Vaidehi but while introducing Aai he makes a mistake by referring to her as “He” and everyone including Atya and Vaidehi burst into laughter. This offends Aai and she walks to her bedroom. After a while, Atya and Vaidehi try to convince Aai to come back to the party but she refuses to come by saying that she has no interest left in the party anymore.

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