Phulpakhru 11 April 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Vaidehi Gets Angry At Shubham

Shubham calls Vaidehi at midnight to wish her for Padwa, but this irritates Vaidehi.

Shubham from Phulpakhru

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, we saw Revati calls Vaidehi to say sorry for disturbing them and also shares that she is happy for Manas’decision. Atya gets a call from her husband to return home as her kids need her but she tells him that Manas and Vaidehi also need her and that’s why she chose to stay with them. She later gets sad because of this incident but Sameer makes sure that he lightens up everyone’s mood with his comedy.

Watch the episode below:

Vaidehi is sad as she is missing her father, Manas sees her and hugs her. He then plans to take Vaidehi to the temple to take blessings from God on the first day of the new year and also this will make her feel better. Mr Kelkar asks Revati why did she go to Manas’ home to convince him as he is just an ordinary artist. Revati then tells him that she never mixes profession with emotions. She had to do business with Manas and that’s why she kept her ego aside and went to convince Manas.

Manas and Vaidehi are in the temple praying for each other and as soon as they leave from there, Shubham comes out as he was already there. Later at night, Shubham calls Vaidehi at night and Vaidehi gets angry on him and warns him not to call her at such timing.

Next morning, Vaidehi and Atya are having coffee together and someone knocks the door. Atya opens the door and the delivery person hands over a bouquet saying it is for Vaidehi.

Vaidehi reads the card on it which says it is from Shubham who has sent it apologising her for calling late at night. Manas then starts teasing her for this and Vaidehi gets irritated with Manas. Shubham, on the other hand, shares his plan with Rane that he is doing purposely to interfere in Vaidehi’s life.

After some time someone knocks at the door and Vaidehi opens the door and again receives another bouquet and seeing this Vaidehi gets shocked.

To what extent will Shubham go to interfere in Vaidehi’s life? Keep watching to know more.

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