Phulpakhru 11 June 2019 Written Update: Baba Seeks Permission From Sulu To Have Cake

After cutting the cake, Aai offers a piece of cake to Baba but he looks at Sulu and asks her if he should have it or not.

Baba and Sulu

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Sulu’s entry surprises everyone especially Baba and his friends. Seeing her getting close to Baba, Aai gets insecure. Baba introduces Sulu to Atya and Vaidehi. When it comes to introducing her to Aai, he makes a mistake by referring to her as “he.” Aai gets angry and walks to her bedroom. Later, Vaidehi goes to convince her to come back to the birthday party.

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In tonight’s episode, everyone is waiting for Aai so that they can begin the cake cutting ceremony. A few moments later, Vaidehi convinces Aai and comes down with her. After cutting the cake, Aai offers a piece of the cake to Baba. Thinking of his diet, he looks at Sulu and asks her if he should have it or not. This irritates Aai again and she forcefully feeds the piece of cake to Baba and walks away.

Sameer tells Tanya to give him a large piece of cake but she refuses to do so and both of them start fighting over it. Vaidehi interrupts in between and stops the fight. Baba asks his friends why didn’t they bring their wives along with them. They tell him that women are insane, which is why they prefer going alone. This is heard by Sulu and she comes near them to repeat what they said. Seeing this, Baba’s friends get conscious and tell her that they didn’t mean it.

Later Baba and his friends ask Sulu about the secret of her beauty. She tells them that she loves to stay healthy and fit by exercising. Baba takes this as an opportunity and asks his friends to exercise on the spot. Having their reputation at stake before Sulu, both of them agree to do so. Manas, Vaidehi, Atya, Sameer and Tanya also enjoy this scene.

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