Phulpakhru 12 April 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Vaidehi Afraid For Manas?

Revati calls Manas to congratulate him for his decision and also asks him if he can meet her for lunch.


In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Vaidehi misses her father and Manas tries to console her. He then takes her to the temple and she feels better after it. Mr Kelkar asks Revati about meeting as according to him Manas is just an ordinary singer and Revati is the MD of RBK music company. Later, Vaidehi is seen getting irritated on Shubham as he calls her late in the night. Next day he sends her bouquet to say sorry but Vaidehi finds it weird.

Watch the episode below:

In today’s episode, we saw Vaidehi is teasing Manas as another bouquet got delivered for Manas. It is from Revati as a gesture to welcome him back.  Shubham calls Vaidehi to ask if she has forgiven him and asks for a meeting with her but Vaidehi tells him that she has decided to not to go office. Hearing this, Shubham hangs up. Shubham then tells Rane that he has now got the opportunity to get into her personal life.

Revati calls Manas to congratulate him for his decision and also asks him if he can meet her for lunch as before coming to the office she has to tell him something important. Manas agrees to meet her for lunch and gets ready and leaves. Revati tries to call Manas but he doesn’t answer as he is on his bike. Revati then calls Vaidehi to ask about Manas and Vaidehi tells her that he has already left to meet her and might be on his way which is why he could not answer the phone call. Vaidehi gets a feeling that something is not right and is afraid of Manas. Atya then tells her not to worry about Manas as he will reach safely and nothing will happen to him.

While going to the restaurant, Manas accidentally bumps to a car and he gets down to question the car driver about reckless driving. The owner of the car is none other than Shubham and he comes out seeing Manas as they already had a dispute in the restaurant before. Shubham then challenges Manas but then people around them stop them and both are back on their way.

Atya feels that Vaidehi is badly missing Manas and she is unable to concentrate on her work too. She then decides to play a prank and makes a phone call to Manas telling him that Vaidehi is not feeling well and if he can cancel the meeting. Manas then calls Revati and cancels the meeting and returns home.

Will Atya’s prank make things worse? Keep watching to know more!

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