Phulpakhru 13 April 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Manas Gets Angry On Atya

Manas gets angry on Atya as he had to cancel his important meeting with Revati because of her.

Manas Phulpkahru

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, while going to meet Revati, Manas comes across a reckless driver. He then gets angry. Surprisingly the car owner is Shubham and he comes out seeing Manas. Shubham challenges Manas and the argument between the two heats up. Before anything happens, the pedestrians on the road try to cool down the matter and both return on their way.

Watch the episode below:

In today’s episode, we see Shubham comes home and Atya opens the door. He then tells her that he has come to meet Vaidehi as she has taken a leave from office and he wanted to discuss something on an urgent basis. Atya then asks him to come in, she then brings some snacks for him and they both are having a conversation. It clearly seems like Shubham has no interest in talking to Atya. He asks Atya about Vaidehi and then she tells him that Vaidehi is in her bedroom doing office work. Shubham then asks if he can go and surprise her in the bedroom Atya allows him to go.

Shubham enters the bedroom and says hi to Vaidehi. Vaidehi gets shocked to see Shubham in her bedroom, she then gets irritated and asks Shubham to wait downstairs. Shubham then tells her that he came to propose few plans for the business as he has brought some data which showed they can do better business together. Vaidehi then clearly tells that she is not interested in doing business in partnership with him and Shubham leaves as Vaidehi is not entertaining him anymore. Just when he leaves, Manas passes by him on his bike but because Shubham is in his car they don’t see each other. 

Manas comes home and sees Vaidehi who is all fit and fine. Seeing this, Manas gets irritated over Vaidehi and asks her that why did she ask Atya to call him and tell that she is not well. Vaidehi then tells him that she didn’t say anything and Atya interrupts saying it was her idea to call Manas and call him back home. Hearing this, Manas gets irritated over Atya and blames her for being irresponsible as he had to cancel his meeting. Atya feels bad and says sorry but Manas walks towards his bedroom furiously.

Vaidehi then tells Manas he said too many things to Atya in anger and even Manas feels bad about it. Later Sameer calls Vaidehi to ask if they can come at home to have buttermilk made by Atya. Vaidehi tells her that they can come but she is not sure if they will get buttermilk as Atya is upset. 

Will Shubham stop following Vaidehi? Or will he come back with another plan?

Watch the story set against the flaring backdrop of Samyukta Maharashtra Movement, Hutatma.