Phulpakhru 14 June 2019 Written Update Of Episode: Baba Afraid Of Aai’s Lawyer Friend?

Aai calls Baba and tells him that she is coming home with her lawyer friend to talk about Sulu. Hearing this, Baba panics and goes to his bedroom.

Manas Baba

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, after reading Baba’s letters, Aai agrees to come downstairs. Seeing her, Baba was unable to take his eyes off her as he was mesmerised. Sulu comes to Aai and tells her that she is lucky to have a husband like Sadanand. She also tells Baba that it is the responsibility of the husband to see what is making his partner upset. Manas asks Baba to tell what he wrote to Aai in his letter.

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In tonight’s episode, after enjoying Baba’s birthday, everyone is back to their daily routine. Manas reaches RBK and sees everyone teasing one of his colleagues for her bad singing skills. He tells them that it is wrong to demotivate someone for their skills. Just then Revati enters the office and asks Manas to come to her cabin.

At home, Baba is waiting for Sulu as she was going to come to take her sunglasses that she forgot. Vaidehi and Atya notice that Baba is holding one of his birthday gifts. Upon asking what is it, he says that it is gifted by Sulu and he feels that he should open it in front of her. Vaidehi suggests Baba that he should ask Sulu to have lunch with them, Baba likes the idea and agrees to it. 

Back at RBK, Revati discusses with Manas about his first album and tells him that she has decided a theme for it. Hearing this, Manas gets excited and assures her that he will perform his best. Before leaving from her cabin he asks about Sameer being a part of it. Revati gives him a positive response saying he is close enough to make it.

Baba gets worried when Atya tells him that Aai has gone to meet her friend who is a lawyer and handles family matters like divorce. A few moments later, Baba gets a phone call from Aai and she tells him that she is coming home with her lawyer friend. The moment Baba hears this, he panics and goes to his bedroom.

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