Phulpakhru 15 April 2019 Preview: Revati Finds Out That Manas Lied About The Emergency

Revati decides to come home and finds out that everyone is having ice cream including Manas. She then misunderstands that Manas lied to her.

Revati from Phulpakhru

In today’s episode of Phulpakhru, Shubham comes at home to talk to Vaidehi and walks into her bedroom. Seeing Shubham, Vaidehi gets irritated and ask him to wait downstairs. In the meeting with Shubham, Vaidehi clearly tells him that she is not interested in doing any partnership with Shubham. Hearing this, Shubham leaves but he passes by Manas but they both don’t see each other as Shubham is in his car. Manas after coming home sees Vaidehi fit and fine and gets irritated on Atya for cancelling his meeting. 

Watch the preview below:

In the preview of the next episode, we see Atya, Sameer, Tanya, Manas and Vaidehi enjoying ice cream. The doorbell rings and Vaidehi opens the door and to her surprise, Revati is standing in front of her.

It was because of Atya’s prank that Manas returned home but now Revati who was told that Vaidehi is not well, sees Vaidehi standing in front of her and having ice cream.

Will Revati misunderstand this situation or will she understand that Manas had no idea about this and it was Atya who did the prank? Keep watching to find out.

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