Phulpakhru 15 April 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Revati Gives Manas A Last Chance?

Manas cancels their meeting saying Vaidehi is not well. When Revati comes home she finds Vaidehi having ice cream.

Manas Phulpakhru

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Manas returns home after cancelling his meeting with Revati. He then finds out the Vaidhehi is fit and fine and Atya played a prank on him. him.M then gets angry and talks rudely to Atya. Atya feels bad about what she did and tells Vaidehi that she only wanted to make things better and not hurt anyone. Vaidehi talks to Manas about the incident and Manas realises his mistake.

Watch the latest episode below:

In today’s episode, Manas says sorry to Atya but Atya is still angry on Manas. Vaidehi suggests him to give Atya Ladoo which is her favourite. Manas then brings Ladoo in front of Atya but she doesn’t respond to it. He then apologises to her saying that he was angry on her because it was an important meeting and Revati will now misunderstand him if she comes to know that he lied to her. Atya still doesn’t talk to him and walks towards the door.

As soon as she opens the door to get out, Sameer and Tanya enter the house and take Atya back. Sameer with his antics brings Atya back and they all start a drama in which Atya acts like a queen who is angry on Manas. Vaidehi then tells Manas to order pizza as his punishment and everyone starts laughing including Atya. 

All of them finish the pizza together and then the doorbell rings, Vaidehi opens the door and sees Revati. Revati is shocked to see Vaidehi fit and fine and having ice cream. She then questions Manas about his professionalism as she misunderstood the situation and doesn’t know the truth. She also warns him that she is giving him one last chance to come to her office at 11 am the next day.

Everyone gets upset and Sameer asks that what just happened. Vaidehi tells him about the reality of Revati and the whole background story. Sameer then tells everyone to chill and stop thinking about whatever happened. Everyone then continues to have ice cream.

Next morning, Manas sees that Vaidehi is having a fever and calls the doctor. After the doctor checks Vaidehi she tells that its a viral fever and will take a day to subside.

Now that Vaidehi has fever in real, will Manas ask Revati to cancel his meeting? And will she accept after what has happened? Keep watching to know more.

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