Phulpakhru 16 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Vaidehi Consoles Atya

While Vaidehi is on her way to RBK, she gets a call from Atya.

Vaidehi from Phulpakhru

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Manas gets a surprise gift from Revati as a token of appreciation. He credits the whole team for this. At home, Vaidehi is taking care of Maahi and helping Atya in household work. Atya is missing her kids but remembers that her husband had threatened her that if she comes back then he won’t spare her.

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In tonight’s episode, Manas is excited to welcome Vaidehi at RBK as he tells his team members about it. While leaving for RBK, Vaidehi gets a phone call from Atya asking her the time of returning home. She notices that Atya is sounding low and decides to go home instead of RBK.

Manas is waiting for Vaidehi not knowing that Vaidehi has left for home. He tells everyone that she is on her way and will reach soon. He calls Vaidehi to ask her where she is. She tells him that she forgot to tell him that after leaving from office, she got a call from Atya and she was sounding low which is why she decided to go home. Sameer comes to RBK with a bouquet and asks for Revati. As he is waiting for her near the gate, just then Revati walks in and is about to fall when Sameer holds her. Revati feels awkward in the situation as she is in front of her team. She gets up and walks away into her cabin without taking the bouquet.

After reaching home, Vaidehi asks Atya why she is upset. Atya replies saying she is missing her kids and wants to go and meet them. She then hugs Vaidehi and tears roll down. She tells is very well aware of the consequences. Vaidehi comes up with an idea to cheer up Atya and tells her that they can go for an outing together with Mahi. 

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